SEO is all about your visibility in search engines like google, bing and Yahoo. When your company website indexed by search engine then it is been saved in memory, when user search about keyword related to your product then its shows in search result.

We have to plan strategies for optimizing the website for search engine. SEO is divided into two sections: On-Page optimization and Off-page optimization.

On-Page Optimizaion

In this optimization process, we have to work on codes. Some set of rules we have to follow while writing content.

  • We have to give header tag from H1 to H6.
  • Anchor text for the keyword which we are targeting.
  • Alt txt for naming the image.
  • Interlinking between keywords
  • Keywords in Title and description

Off- Page Optimzation

In this optimization Process, We have to work on the online presence of website

  • Submissions in Directories
  • Article Submission
  • Blog Commenting
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Classified Ads
  • Press Release Submission

Other than that we have to do analysis of our website according to search engines algorithms

  • XML Sitemap
  • HTML Sitemap
  • Robot File
  • Google Analytics

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So whatever online application, web-based software or database capabilities you require, our development team will ensure you get a solution that makes your business even better than before.