Nowadays, the real environment is modified by augmented reality solutions and computer-generated elements in many areas like the gaming sector or aviation. Most of us are not aware of this technology. Did you try ever to catch a Pokémon or to fit furniture in the room through the IKEA app in recent years? AR has more potential uses in many areas but still in the development phase and many tech companies and engineers are working to increase it.

As per the records, it has $215 billions combined market of AR & VR.

Augmented Reality App Development Company

AR offering a new way of interacting with the consumers and the world around us. Reyank, a leading Augmented reality app development company that provides apps involving technologies like AR or VR with an enormous market potential that is in the initial stage of unlocking. We have excellent and knowledgeable augmented reality app developers who provide high-quality services to the clients as per their needs. We are available 24*7 for our clients in case they need any kind of help from us. Always feel free to contact us anytime.

Reyank Pvt. Ltd. started the development of augmented reality apps and augmented reality web development too. These apps will draw your attention towards the product and can become a small part of an amazing marketing campaign of augmented reality app development. These apps including the ideas and benefits are also helpful for various businesses and sectors.

How AR App Development Services Help Businesses?

  • Provides with Cross-Platform Support
  • Helps in increasing customer engagement rate
  • Increase sales and generate high revenue
  • Details Access to Analytics
  • Enhance User Interaction

What Actually Augmented Reality Is?

With the rise of smartphones and the internet, augmented reality technologies rolled out on its second wave, and these days, it is most relevant to the interactive concept. And, 3D models are projected directly onto physical things or bonded together in real-time.

Different apps of augmented reality also impact our daily habits, entertainment history, and social life. AR apps connect digital animation typically to a specific marker or with the help of GPS pinpoint the location in phones. Augmented is occurring in real-time and within the environmental context. There are four types of augmented reality-

  • Marker less AR
  • Marker-based AR
  • Projection-based AR
  • Superimposition-based AR
What Actually Augmented Reality Is?

Using this trending augmented reality we provide with advanced 3D & Animation Designing based game, Mobile App development, customized the services of web & app development. Along with, It is the perfect platform which is compatible with all smartphone device operating systems like Android, iOS, Windows, and blackberry.

As a top-rated augmented reality development company, we provide with following AR business services:

  • AR Software development
  • AR Game development
  • AR App Development
  • AR iOS & Android development.

You can opt for these augmented reality development services. It gives the advance feature to make your business services perform better as compared to other competitive technologies. It makes the real world object on the pocket gadget which is known as the AR app development in business sectors. We are continually growing new diversions, techniques, advancements and catching the consideration and creative ability of top developers around the globe.

Quick Glimpse of How Does We Work?

For the augmented reality development platform, a specific data range including animations, images, 3D models and videos can be used and we will see the results in synthetic and natural both the lights. Users are also aware of the real-world that is being advanced by computer vision, unlike virtual reality.

  • Processing

    With proper AR devices should eventually act like computers, just like something smartphones do already. In the same process, we need a GPU, CPU, RAM, flash memory, GPS, and Bluetooth/Wi-Fi, etc. Being able to measure the angle, speed, orientation, direction, and so on.

  • Camera and Sensors

    While Gathering data for the interaction of users we send them for the procedure. Device’s cameras are scanning the environment and with this data, a device situates physical elements and creates 3D models. It may be specific duty cameras like common smartphone cameras or Microsoft HoloLens for taking videos or pictures.

  • Reflection

    Some augmented reality services and devices have mirrors for assisting human eyes for viewing virtual images. Also, some have an array of small curved mirrors and some of the double-sided mirrors for reflecting light on the camera and to the eye of the user.

  • Projection

    This belongs to a tiny projector on AR headsets that takes info from sensors and reflects digital content onto a surface to see. And, the projection used in AR has not been invented fully, still to use it in commercial services or projects.

Devices Used by Us for Augmented Reality Development

Various modern devices support AR already as these technologies evolve continuously from tablets and smartphones to gadgets such as- handheld devices and Google glasses. For projection and processing, We provide a handful of the Augmented Reality App or software development while keeping the quality and security in mind. Here are the devices used by us are as following-

  • Special AR Devices

    For augmented reality development, it needs some particular AR devices that are designed solely and primarily. Head-up displays that send info directly to transparent display into the user’s view. These were introduced originally to train fighter pilots in the military but now these apps are used in automotive, aviation, sports, manufacturing, etc.

  • Mobile Devices

    Tablets and smartphones are mostly fit and available for AR mobile apps that are ranging from entertainment to pure gaming to sports, business analytics, and social networking.

  • AR Contact Lenses

    Players like Samsung and Sony announced to develop AR lenses and Samsung is working upon it, while Sony is designing lenses as distinct AR devices.

  • AR Glasses

    AR glasses like Meta 2 glasses, Google Glasses, Laster See-Thru, LA forge AR eyewear, etc. These are enabled to show the notifications from phones and access content hands-free, assisting assembly line workers, etc.

  • RVirtual Retinal Displays

    It generates pictures through projecting laser light into the eye of a human. It aims at high contrast, bright and high-resolution pictures and such systems yet made for practical use.

Devices Used by Us for Augmented Reality Development

Our Combined Possible AR Applications

For augmented reality examples, there are so many famous AR applications like AR gaming. New AR games provide a better experience for players and promote a better active way of life. Nowadays, gaming grounds are being moved from the virtual sphere to real-life and players can perform specific activities. Other possible areas for AR app development involve-

  • Augmented Reality in The Military

    AR is helpful for military forces to evolve MRO through superimposing digital info into a user’s real-world view by step to step service orders. It is to identify visual services required in 3D.

  • Augmented Reality in The Classroom

    This technology overlays interactive digital aspects like images, text, sounds, video clips, and 3D models into real-world environments. It doesn’t only increase learning but it also provides students with the opportunities to generate their content.

  • Augmented Reality in The Workplace

    With this, employees can practice analyzing possible hazards and rehearse various ways to handle the emergencies. Skylight AR software of Upskill is used across a wide variety of these apps to reduce errors and enhance efficiencies.

  • Augmented Reality in Architecture

    In this, computer software must include real-world coordinates and be independent of camera or images. Despite augmented reality field services, it also includes 3D models of a presented design onto a space using 3D models and mobile devices.

  • Augmented Reality in Education

    AR is popular in schools for learning students as educators can improve outcomes of learning by enhanced interactivity and engagement. Through AR apps, it has a wide scope of providing learning apps to students.

  • Augmented Reality in Healthcare

    AR lets the users see the real-world scenes and projects digital data onto the existing environment. As it is a blend of virtual reality and augmented reality. These contents are in the form of digital sounds or images and applied in videos or 3D models.

  • Augmented Reality in Retail

    It is helpful to improve navigation around the warehouse area, at the time of inventory items and big spaces are involved. The virtual retail store’s creation of any size makes the staying close possible to customers with no long lines and inventory costs.

  • Augmented Reality in Games

    AR is the kind of integration of audio content and game visual with a real-time user environment, unlike VR that generates an artificial environment completely. Augmented reality uses the existing environment in the gaming industry and generates a playing field through this.

Our Impeccable Features of Augmented Reality

Augmented reality solutions provided by Reyank are very beneficial, However, these are not everything businesses need, but it has a lot to offer to various sectors and people. Because of its features and advantages, augmented reality progressive web apps are considered to be more interactive and appealing for the market than virtual reality.

  • Noticeable and Unique

    There are so many ways to surprise your customers and generate an essential buzz because you have something to offer to your customers that your competitors don’t have.

  • AR Apps for Customization

    It can be referred to as a chance to generate something different and hence, it is to express the individuality of one person that is way more engaging than that media content.

  • AR Apps are Getting More Virality

    If we talk about the facts, the world of social sharing enhances the new customer’s acquisitions. People share the content and app to let the people know about it and use it more.

  • Improvement in Content Quality

    AR production companies give users tools for generating the content that they couldn’t do by themselves before.

  • Interactivity Upholds the Retention

    The entertainment sector is always on top of the list as the highly exciting content motivates people to interact with their phone’s application again and again.

  • Engaging and Interactive

    AR technology can make everything so engaging and interactive and also make boring things a bit fun. People can get more step by step instructions and detailed information by downloading and accessing the augmented reality apps.

AR Development Frameworks

Autodesk 3ds Max

Autodesk 3ds Max

Android’s ARCore

Android’s ARCore







Unity 3d

Unity 3d



Android Studios

Android Studios

Why to Choose Reyank for AR App Development

Reyank helps you provide with remarkable Augmented reality development service using the latest technologies. We aim is to reach the maximum number of users and provide significant gaming, and app user experience with Augmented reality Game development. Examine all the option to get a satisfying experience and increase revenue utilising our AR App & Game development services.

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Get a variety of Android and iOS app with our team of experts and experience the stunning graphics with a highly polished interface. We use the latest technologies to help you serve with the best solution.

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We have a team of expert ultimate Mixed Reality providers and game programmers holding years of rich experience. Their hard work brings video games and apps to life.

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We strive to provide with smart service solution at the time of cutting edge technology. Our cost-effective solutions help in saving time and efforts.

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We promote seamless communication to give users with greater experience and aim to provide with more personalized services.

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We have a team of expert ultimate Mixed Reality providers and game programmers holding years of rich experience. Their hard work brings video games and apps to life.


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