Radiant CMS is the best free software content management system (CMS) which is written in Ruby on Rails web application. It is also the best CMS for the non-technical user, plus having enhanced features. 2 PHP ports of this Radiant CMS are Frog CMS and the Wolf CMS. Radiant is the top-most Rails-based CMS, and it is gaining good popularity. With the add-on features in Radiant CMS, it is very simple for functioning of this lightweight CMS.

Radiant has a lightweight core library including the “extensions” which provides additional customized functionality. Extensions are not made to change the core, so upgradation is plain sailing, with around 200 extensions in the extension registry. It can be adjusted for numerous uses. All types of contents are stockpiled in a database. It is very easy to make use of MySQL, PostgreSQL, or SQLite.

Simple Admin Interface with 3 Elements:

  • Pages: Pages includes the main part of the content and may include the numerous page parts such as the slidebar. Radiant enables arrangement of pages as per the hierarchy. If Radiant CMS is being used like the blog, all the blog entries are the pages in the Radiant system, systematicall arranged for reflecting the correct structure of the content.
  • Snippets: Snippets are just the contents which can be used again anywhere in the project and it helps page creation easier.
  • Layouts: Layouts shows the general look of the page just like a template. When a page is created, a layout can be selected where a page can be inserted.

Various Features of Radiant CMS Development

  • Radiant allows caching of page:

    Radiant supports wonderful caching mechanism which allows content to be cached for upto 5 minutes. This will enable that the content in unique and it provides best level of performance.

  • Radiant is constructed on Ruby on Rails:

    Radiant is built using Ruby on Rails. This implies that it is plain sailing for the developers for extending Radiant because it is constructed on leading web application development platform.

  • Language in the Radiant:

    Radiant has a different set of macro language (similar to HTML) which is known as Radius, and it helps to include content from different pages, repeated over the page children, and it shows the content on conditions. Various radious tags are available in pages, snippets and layouts.

  • Radiant has the best structure of website:

    Radiant gives you the best option to arrange the pages as per your grading. A weblog in the Radiant is very easy, just like collection of child pages in the parent page.

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